Zojirushi Coffee Makers Review

97Setting an industry benchmark for new vacuum insulation technology in an everyday household product, the Zojirushi Corporation began its operation with its first glass-lined vacuum bottle 90 years ago. It is firmly establishing itself as a company which uses cutting edge technology to bring convenience to its customers worldwide.

Zojirushi sees to it that every product they launch is aimed at improving their customer’s quality of life through their creation of innovative equipments. For 9 decades, the company has impressed the industry with their advanced technology apparent in their household appliances line-up. Each piece, both for outdoor and indoor use, is designed to fit the needs and the demand of today’s active lifestyle. Some of their products include easy-to-use rice cookers, compact electric water boilers, beverage dispensers and a variety of stainless steel vacuum bottles.

It is not a common knowledge, but the phrase “vacuum insulated bottles” is a fancy term for coffee and tea makers. And the Zojirushi company is specifically popular for this. From glass-lined Air Pot beverage dispensers to durable stainless steel vacuum servers, easy-to-serve Gravity Pot dispensers to electric boilers and warmers, Zijorushi has almost a century’s experience to create such products.

The Zojirushi coffee makers captured the appeal of most coffee lovers because Zojirushi, by virtue of its technology, is able to keep coffee fresh for a few more minutes compared to other coffee makers. And we all know that cold coffee means bad coffee because brewed coffee is only fresh for minutes. But the best thing about Zojirushi is its thermal carafe that can keep coffee hot for hours without the danger of burning the coffee itself. It also comes with a timer module ready for preset as far as brewing is concerned.

With a company that has been in the business for nearly a century, you are assured that each product has gone through a lot of improvement. From a once simple piece of insulated bottle, the Zojirushi coffee makers are now giants in the small home appliance industry.